Project Cargo / Oversize Cargo


ImageProject Cargo is a specialised field of Freight Forwarding that requires immense expertise, experience and knowledge. 

mercan Transportation are amongst a very small number of Turkish based international freight forwarders, able to provide this specialised shipping service to expedite international movements of project cargo.

Our Company knows which shipping line is best suited to your requirements, whether the consignment is shipped on a Flat Rack, break bulk vessel, or a roll-on-roll-off vessel. Project Cargo can also encompass oceanfreight, air freight road and rail from site to installation. This requires managing a huge array of different infrastructures and regulatory bodies.

We have various special equipments like 'Flat Racks, Flat Beds, Open Top Containers and GP Containers for shipment of any odd dimension equipments across any sea-ports. 

ImageProject Cargo often have fewer options of services, routes and transhipment points, than non heavy equipment shipments, so it is essential to partner with a Project Cargo specialist such as mercan Transportation. We take the time and hassle out of trying to find best choice, as we have spent many years identifying and examining the best shipping routes for you. We offer you our knowledge and experience of previous cargo projects to you. Allowing us to quickly identify the most efficient route and service, to ensure your project cargos arrive at their destination in the best time and at the most competitive cost.

We pride ourselves in discussing and understanding your needs of these specialised projects, so we can offer you the best possible solution. Our team understand what is required to freight your shipment to your destination in the safest and most economical configuration.

Heavy Equipment shipping
Oversize Cargo transportation

Image Loading & lashing is handled by experienced professionals, who understand loading points & weight distribution. You can be confident your precious plant or machinery will not move unduly during transport
Full & Partial Charters
Break Bulk shipments
Consolidation, Packing Containerisation
Custom Clearance
Site Delivery

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