Depolama - Warehousing


Mercan Transport is able to offer cross-dock service or arrange warehousing. All warehouse locations are controlled by mercan Transport and only accesible for mercan Transport staff. Our facilities have security systems and procedures. We can store your general cargo or valuable cargo in different ways. It is possible to re-label, pick & pack, re-pack or repair during the transportation period. We aim to offer a fast and efficient moving additional service during the logistic process. By means of new techniques such as digital-camera's, e-mail and the use of internet we can visualize our service more to our customers, which enables our clients to get the feeling we,as partners, are in control of their investment.

The mercan Transport staff is trained and experienced to check every piece and re-stack your cartons as per requirement. Labels (especially scanning labels) are turned to the outside and cargo is checked upon its condition. Our philosophy is to do it right from the start, which will reduce problems at the end of the chain.